Faster than…

ko maha ena empakyo ka
AG more.than P.1sg INT
Who runs faster than me?

tlok maha ena empakyo
AG.NEG more.than P.1sg
Nobody runs faster than me.

kola maha ena empakyo
INDF.AG more.than P.1sg
Somebody runs faster than me.

uakota maha ena empakyo
DIST.AG.MASC more.than P.1sg
That guy runs faster than me.

ha maha ena empakyo
3sg more.than P.1sg
She runs faster than me.


7 thoughts on “Faster than…

    • No, slower than would be: uakota ohi ena empakyo – DIST.AG.MASC less.than P.1sg – That guy runs slower than me. Comparisons are usually made with “kue”, meaning as, like, and a, if needed, a negative.


        • “I run slow” would/could be ‘na empa tsipue’ or ‘na empatsue’ “-tsue” means to do something slowly, or be delayed. Comparative constructions are no ubiquitous or even consistent…like several natlangs.


      • Actually, I misspoke…”ha” is the agentive form of the pronoun in that agentive pronouns are unmarked and are the default form.


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