Crotchety Old Man Rant

Living in the Northeast Megalopolis means commuting. Commuting tends to mean the use of highways. These highways all have at least two lanes. It is customary that the right lane is used (mostly) by large trucks, people going below the speed limit, and school buses.

Now, if any one of these wishes to pass someone else in the right lane, I see no issue…however, if you want to pass someone in the right lane, it seems reasonable that you do so at a rate of speed that actually affords you that ability. If you mean to pass a truck doing 65 mph, and you are only going 67 mph, then you either do not know how to pass, how to drive, or something about your vehicle is malfunctioning. In any case, get out of the way or get off of the road entirely.

Some might say that traveling faster than the posted speed limit is dangerous and illegal. I would not argue that position. However, it is the choice of any driver to travel at his/her desired speed and take responsibility for the consequences of that choice. Yes, driving on a highway potentially endangers more than just the driver…but, I submit to you that danger is not mitigated by everyone traveling at the exact same rate of speed for miles in some sort of synchronized swimming tribute.

Get out of the way. Move.

You may have all day…you may be on vacation, you may want to look at scenery…other people have things to do and places to be.

And as a point of order:

A common problem arising from misuse of the “fast lane” is that it forces faster moving traffic that wishes to overtake on the left to change lanes, overtake on the right, and then change lanes again. Further, if the vehicle misusing the passing lane is going slower than the flow of other traffic, it forces those using the middle “travel” lane (but who are moving faster) to pass on the right as well.


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    • Well, traffic is expected, and while frustrating, not the issue here. The issue here is people that don’t recognize HOW to drive. ;)


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