Conlanging FIlm

Conlanging Film

The Introduction Video.

Information about the project and the people behind it.

Featuring an overview of the history of constructed languages up to and through the amazing creations and initiatives of those who actively invent new tongues today, this film tells the rich story that has expanded far beyond Tolkien’s “secret vice.” It’s being made by the people who know the craft intimately for language lovers and a general audience alike.

A project that, while unexpected, is welcome and wanted.

There is a chance that I will have the privilege of participating in this project as an interviewee and some logistical support. If that comes to pass it will be one of the proudest moments in my conlanging pursuits. Being able to frame this passion in an easily understood format, like a documentary style feature film might just widen the perspective of the audience. I hope that if I am able to contribute that it will better the process and the end product.

If you find yourself interested please stay tuned as I will (with the permission of the producers) post as much information on the progress of the film as possible.