Kala phrase

na mokuhiue
1sg sleep-DIM-VOL
I want to nap.



it will be finished
never diminished

only stop
once on top

never giving in
once we begin

every drop painted
the plan untainted

is unacceptable


It’s soft, succulent…it can be sweet, salty, spicy or fairly bland. It can come in an array of colors. Just one can almost be a meal, or part of a snack. It goes well in pasta, salads, on a sandwich, burger, in a taco and even occasionally with sushi. The allure of it draws crowds to various festivals and gatherings at annual and semiannual events worldwide. It can be paired with almost any type of wine, goes well with beer, and yes, even champagne. At fancy parties it can be found on crackers, and at football parties in a bowl. There are entire restaurants that have devoted their marketing and menus to its very existence. Versions of it are given entire shelves in markets and it is traded as a global commodity that many consider an essential element to daily life.

That’s right. Cheese.


Artist Illustrates the Untranslatable Words of Other Languages

Once again, people misconstrue “untranslatable” and ‘lacking a one-to-one corresponding lexeme’.

(Notice how it says “is this expression’s literal translation” right on the image…yeah)

The pictures are nice, though.

Previously: https://footballbatsandmore.wordpress.com/2015/02/26/untranslatable-spanish-concepts/ and https://footballbatsandmore.wordpress.com/2014/05/21/untranslatable/


purple dots
army cots

many men
very thin

bullets hit
painful shit

truck driver
daily survivor

man in charge
ego large

green suit
black boot

parking lots
purple dots


the ease of calm
is peace of the palm
the back
give breath
not death
take care
be aware



Aziana is a syllabary created by Warren Grant and inspired by the Korean, Chinese and Japanese writing systems. The idea was to devise a writing system that looks Asian in origin. It is a syllabary with consonants typically appearing on the top and vowels written underneath them.

To be direct, this script only works for decorative purposes…it’s far too block-y and square in this presentation. It would most likely end-up looking like a version of Hangul after a few iterations of handwriting conversions.

I give it a 2×3 for aesthetics and functionality.