Even more new glyphs…

pyola – roll; rotate; spin
tapya – accompany; follow
tatsi – establish; set up; stand
tala – arrive; come [back; return]
tipua – drop; fall; plummet
topu – bounce; hop; jump
moku – rest; sleep
nkoma – hoist; lift; raise
nkoha – raise up [the body]; shrug
sima – recline; relax; sit
hika – halt; stop
tlaha – depart; leave
empa – run; flee
ila – flight; fly; hover
yala / -la – go; travel; walk
yoko – swim; wade

Verbs of movement…


Nusantara (Aksara Nusantara)

Nusantara (Aksara Nusantara)

The Nusantara Script is an alternative script for Javanese, Indonesian, Malay and other languages, invented by Wahyu Wijaya Tirtariga in 2003. It resembles a script found on the Sukuh Temple, which dates from around 1437 AD, and was modeled on old scripts of Java dating from about the 8th to 16th centuries. As a result it can be used to write various languages.

This is one of the better scripts to come to Omniglot in many moons. It’s primary (almost singular) drawback is being based so directly on other Brahmic abugidas. The presentation isn’t 100% either, but that’s fairly insignificant given the obvious thought and planing that went into the creation. I’d be very interested to see a handwritten character map. I have a feeling the artistry would be grand.

I give it a 4×3 for aesthetics and functionality.