Kraaienveer alphabet

The Kraaienveer alphabet (Crows feather) is an alternative alphabet for Dutch invented by Pascal Leers. It is supposed to be written with a fountain pen, or even better, with a dip pen or a quil. It is also suitable for English.

I can’t criticize this script too much, primarily due to the artistry of the individual characters. That being said, many of those nice curls would slowly become relics as the script was written over time. I’m not very fond of the g or t and other characters like them that are made of separate component pieces. I would also like to point out that while it’s stated that this script can be used to write Dutch, none of the diacritics used in Dutch are presented here. Lastly, this script is yet another cipher that needs some phonological spice.

I give it a 4×2 for aesthetics and functionality.