3D geometrical shapes in Kala

As a (long over-due) follow-up to the post on 2D shapes, I present to you:

mpila – sphere; ball; globe
pyota – cube; block; square
pyotan – cuboid; “cube-like”
tletsa – cylinder; column; file
uampu – cone; conical
tsiuampu – square-based pyramid (translates to “angled cone”)
tsiuampuhao – triangular-based pyramid (translates to “three-angled cone”)
tletso – prism

All prisms can be called tletso and then specified by the shape of the base and number of angles.

ha ke pyota nahe tletsa mohepyaye
3SG O cube inside cylinder place-ATT-PST
She tried to put a cube into a cylinder. ~ She tried to put a square peg into a round hole.