Kala glyphs keyboard layout 2.0

After getting some advice I decided to follow the Korean Hangul layout.

What I came up with was this:

Pressing the Shift key would (for now) only effect the numbers:

I’m open to suggestions should anyone have any.


2 thoughts on “Kala glyphs keyboard layout 2.0

  1. Anything for Naua? It seems that the same layout would work just the same, though rendering the glyphs would be an entirely different matter.


    • No, I don’t think Naua would have the same layout at all. First, remember that with Naua there are 14 “consonants” and only 8 “vowels” as opposed to the glyph syllabary where there are 11 “consonants” and 20 “vowels”…so the layout would *need* to be different. Second, the glyphs can be written in multiple directions, whereas Naua is written vertically, so the glyphs would need keystrokes that denote/determine writing direction, etc.


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