Korean calligraphy

This is why I love Korean and Hangul.

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Korean calligraphy Hangul By Samuraijohnny (originally posted to Flickr as Korean Calligraphy)  
[CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons Korean calligraphy is an art of writing Hangul and Hanja. Unlike Western calligraphy, which is written with a rigid instrument, traditional Korean calligraphy is created with a soft and flexible brush. With the characteristic strokes which change in broadness and speed, on a usually white sheet of paper, its general appearance reminds of other East Asian writings. However, it does have its distinctions.

For one, while Hanja characters have exactly the same radicals, or the graphical components, as do Chinese characters in China, Hangul on the other hand has its own distinct shapes that calligraphers never had to produce before.

And Hangul was where my interest in calligraphy started.

Ever since I’ve learned to scribble Hangul, I’ve been interested in learning more than just the appropriate shape of letters and the stroke order. Typing Hangul

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