Kala Glyphs Keyboard Layout

Started working on a keyboard layout for Tloko.

Not really sure about this…a few issues remain;

1) the caps lock (and the shift key for that matter); Tloko doesn’t use caps and the vowel keys would (could) be set to modify a consonant glyph

2) the tab key might be redundant but might be used differently based on writing direction

3) the numbers…typing “4” would mean hitting the “1” key four times…a bit silly, and the billions key would hardly ever be used

4) the other function keys…?

I’m fairly certain it would work similar to other abugida-like scripts in that the C would be modified by the V pressed immediately after. To represent the consonants I used C+o because 1) the “o” goes with every consonant (phonotactically) and 2) each consonant is in its ‘base’ form (4×4).

So, if you pressed “to” then “i” the result would be “ti“…and if you pressed “ko” and “-c” the result would be final “k“, and so on.

I hope that makes sense. I’m still learning about this as I go along.

Something to mull over….