Choclate that represents Japanese texture

Chocolates That Represent Japanese Onomatopoeic Words To Describe Texture

There are many factors that determine our experience with chocolate: the type of cocoa, the percentage used, and the flavors. But when Maison et Objet, the pre-eminent design show in France, told Oki Sato that they were naming him Designer Of The Year and asked him to design a set of chocolates, he had to pause. The head of the Tokyo and Milan-based design studio Nendo needed to rethink the concept of chocolate.

These types of projects are what keep my faith in humanity strong. This is a mixture of food, art, and language that rivals music and cinema. The idea is to excite the mind, learn and enjoy the moment and I envy people with this sort of talent. I assume that this is a unique occasion for Mr. Sato and that he does produce such things often, but I sure wish he (and others) did.