Human genes and language

Human genes and language

Producing new insights into the evolution and development of human populations around the globe is no easy task, but scientists can draw on multiple sources of data to do it. In a new study, Sohini Ramachandran and colleagues at Stanford University and University of Manitoba analyzed troves of data on genetics and distinct sounds in language—phonemes—to discern important patterns.

This seems mostly intuitive to me. The idea that language is inherently cultural and therefore familial jives with my overall understanding of what migration and evolution suggest. If the Og family moves around and splits into the Mog, Tog, and Vog families, it stands to reason that the languages they speak would follow a very similar line.

I love articles that link evolution and the study of language. The ultimate prize would be to one day discover something that gave clues as to what the first language looked or sounded like. However, I have my doubts that will ever come to be.