Na’vi, Klingon and Newspeak

Na’vi, Klingon and Newspeak: IUB doctoral student to teach class on constructed languages

“I was 14, at Boy Scout camp, when I was first introduced to Dungeons and Dragons,” he said. “I quickly fell into the role of dungeon master, but was dissatisfied with the settings of the game. I wanted a richer, deeper experience.”

So he crafted his own language, a cross between Turkish and Gothic, which he eventually furnished with an alphabet, words and names for specific locations within his gaming world.

The itch greets us all in different ways…one thing remains constant, though…it never fades. It drives us to learn, create, teach, converse. It causes us to form new relationships and cherish old ones. It makes us wonder, ponder, dream, and hope, perhaps for something more than we already know, perhaps for something we knew long ago, but it keeps us going.

The language itch has the magically quality of leaving us wanting more, not because we aren’t satisfied, but precisely because we are, much in the same way that a drug can infest every aspect of ones life, so too language enables one to study various fields and cultures all while enhancing understanding of ones own life.

Perspective is gained in all linguistic pursuits. Be they philological, philosophical, or simple translation. Keep the itch, embrace it, and most especially seek to foster it in anyone you may meet.