Spiraling Syllabics

Spiraling Syllabics

Spiraling Syllabics is an alternative way of writing English using colours and symbols written in a spiral devised by Nicholas Maddaloni in the Fall of 2014. He had originally intended it to be a means of condensing written language, but eventually decided to try to make a writing system as unique and creative as he could.

No. Just stop.

This is simply a horrible idea. Most of the shapes are distinguishable only by a slight degree and the use of color is impractical at best, and somewhat headache inducing. The direction of writing lacks any sense and the punctuation (as well as the numbering, for that matter) don’t even fit in the general aesthetic of the script. Please, to anyone trying to develop a constructed writing system…don’t ever do this…just, don’t.

I’m not even gonna give this one a rating.