Kids are smart, linguistically

10 Language Mistakes Kids Make That Are Actually Pretty Smart

Little kids make such cute mistakes when they talk. We know they’re still learning the language, so we tolerate their errors and chuckle at how funny they sound. Behind that chuckle is the assumption that the kids are getting it wrong because they just don’t know the rules yet. In fact, kids’ mistakes show they know a lot more about the rules than we think. The mistakes are evidence of very smart hypotheses the kids are forming from the limited data they’ve been given so far. Here are 10 really smart language mistakes that kids make.

This is not just interesting, it is wildly inspiring. Think about it…your baby is a scientist, testing theories about what word to use, realizing and recognizing patterns so as to correct for known factors such as sound changes. Truly remarkable.


Typeface for dyslexia

Istanbul Design Biennial 2014: a typeface created specifically for dyslexic people by Dutch designer Christian Boer is on show at this year’s Istanbul Design Biennial.

An intrguing way to deal with an issue that has long been ignored. Kudos to Christian Boer.

Objects to study in International Relations

Kamal Madishetty

UN-flagsInternational Relations, as Madeleine Albright (Former US Secretary of State) famously said in February this year, is not like a game of chess, where people sit quietly, thinking out their strategy, taking their time between moves. It is rather more like a game of billiards, with a bunch of balls clustered together.

‘International Relations’ is by far one of the most imprecise disciplines in the Social Sciences. It is a bag of assertions as well as contradictions. Over the span of its existence as an academic field of study, it has seen the embodiment of several ideas into theories and counter-theories. In recent times, there has also been an effort to bring to light those ideas which pre-date the known ones and have been waiting to be uncovered from years if not centuries.

In the realm of International Relations, amidst the disagreements and contestations, there exist some key objects that…

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