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a breeze passes
a thought
a noise

moments amass

peace elapses

Diamantina alphabet

Reviewing a conscript is not a cumbersome task, but it can be slightly difficult to be completely objective. Comparing a script to others is almost an automatic response after seeing so many of them over time. Diamantina is no exception. My gut reaction to this script is “oh my it’s tengwar and it’s ugly”, but more than that the presentation is sloppy. While I would never use this script and I find it unwieldy it does have potential.

There are questions about readability given that so many of the characters have the superfluous “tail” that adds nothing to disambiguation or overall aesthetic appeal. There is also the matter of one-to-one correspondence. Cipher scripts have their place in comic books, poorly written sci-fi, and the occasional newspaper puzzle, but they rarely do anything for the languages they are intended for.

I give this script a 2/2 for aesthetics and functionality. I will likely never give a cipher-script anything more than that, even when the presentation is masterful…which, this clearly isn’t.

Need Perspective?

Need Perspective?

Kala word: kato

kato – /ka’to/ – building or house of two or more stories

This word would not apply to a single story structure. Any and all buildings are called yapo, but kato specifies that the structure is taller than one story.

na te katokai yoka kiha’o tsakahue
1SG of "kato"-red floor ORD-three reside-LOC
I reside on the thrid floor of the red “kato”.

A short message to Barack Obama.

Pointless quips are very politically potent. Hm….



Emotions are hard.